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Step into your wealthy lifestyle that you have been dreaming of!

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a classic fundamental book to gain knowledge on building your rich life and your wealth. This book goes into great detail on how to achieve this. Some notable points worth remembering and jotting down are as follows:


1. Understand Your Goal

The desired amount of wealth needs to be clear. You cannot simply say “I want a lot of money.” This statement needs to be a exact amount, such as “I will have $100,000,000.” This will give you the mindset that you are already Rich and Wealthy


2. Intend To Give

What do you plan on giving in return for this money? Think of what value you are bring to customers and society as a whole. More value can equal more return! P.S. Don’t panic if you don’t know all the details at first, opportunities will come to you or ideas. Rich and Wealthy people have given value which is a direct match for their compensation. 


3. The Clock Is Ticking

Set a date. Will it be in a few months or years? Write down your desired date. Remember that there is an abundance of riches on this earth but not an abundance of time.


4. Make A Blueprint

This is where you need to plan how you are going to get your goals. You can reverse engineer your goals to make it easier on yourself. Think, what steps should you take to start your business or invest in yourself? What would be your first step? What does being Rich and Wealthy look like to you?


5. Get Your Pen Out

Write out the whole thing! Write your goal, what value you are bringing, the date, and your plan. Once you have written it in physical form feel free to take a picture for your mobile device or type it out to have it handy. There are not many Rich and Wealthy people who have not written their visions and dreams down.


6. Speak Up

Read your plan aloud twice daily. If you feel uncomfortable reading aloud read quietly to yourself. Repetition is key to to forming the habit of being Rich and Wealthy.


Being Rich and Wealthy as you notice has nothing to do with talent or inelegance and everything to do with mindset!